Mysterious fane on the banks of the Sea of Ohkotsk

Mysterious fane on the banks of the Sea of Ohkotsk

Friday, 2 September 2016

Monster - Owlbears (more exotic variants)

I was a bit surprised by the popularity of my last owlbear post, so I thought I'd share a few more variants.

One of these is inspired by comment on G+, the others are yet again excerpts from my files - these are a few of the more exotic variants that got use in my now-infamous "owlbear campaign" (not quite sure why it got that name - the owlbears weren't actally the point just a recurring generic menace.  Clearly they made an impact...)

Spotted Owlbear Spectacled Owlbear Snowy Owlbear Gummy Owlbear
AC 5 5 5 7
HD 4* 5* 5* 8*
Move 120'(40') 120'(40') 120'(40') 90'(20')
Attacks 2 claws/ 1 bite 2 claws/ 1 bite 2 claws/ 1 bite 2 claws/ 1 bite
Damage 1-6/1-6/1-6 1-8/1-8/1-8 1-8/1-8/1-8 1-8/1-8/1-8
No. Appearing 1-4(1-4) 1-4(1-4) 1-4(1-4) 1-4(1-4)
Save As Fighter 3 Fighter 3 Fighter 3 Fighter 5
Morale 9 9 9 9
Treasure Type: C C C C
Alignment Neutral Neutral Neutral Neutral
XP Value 300 300 300 300

Spotted Owlbear: This rare variety of owlbear appears at first to be merely an ordinary owlbear that happens to be on the smallish side, though the sharp-eyed adventurer may note the flecks of contrasting coloured feathers in its pelt that give it its name. In fact, the Spotted Owlbear is not at all what it seems. Some occult force causes its image to be constantly deflected about 3' from its actual location, Attackers must subtract 2 points from to-hit rolls, and due to targeting difficulties the Spotted Owlbear gains a bonus of 2 points on saving throws.

Spectacled Owlbear: This owlbear is darkly coloured except for the white chevron on its chest, the white "spectacle" marks around its eyes, and the cluster of white spots with red centers that are scattered across its face. The eye-like appearance of these spots and the fluttering of the reddish feathers in their centers makes it appear the owlbear has a multitude of eyes that are constantly flicking their gazes in several directions at once. This, combined with the forceful impact of the spectacle-rimed true eyes causes Confusion (as the spell) in all those attempting to engage in melee from the front and sides.

Snowy Owlbear: A dreaded denizen of the frozen wastes, the snowy owlbear has speckled white plumage to help it blend into the landscape, and enormous sapphire-coloured eyes to help it see prey in the long, arctic nights. In addition to giving the owlbear 60' infravision, the sight of these enormous eyes can freeze unwary opponents - in any round in which an opponent attacks from the front, he or she must save vs paralysis or be frozen and immobile for 2d4 turns.

Gummy Owlbear: While the body of this creature appears to be covered with feathers, the truth is far more strange: the "plumage" is in fact a covering of heavy folds of wrinkly skin that appear "feathery" mainly due to the material clinging to them. This flesh is coated with a thick, highly adhesive ichor which gives off a sour, musty smell. This ichor is so sticky that each time a weapon strikes the creature the wielder must save vs wands to avoid the weapon sticking so firmly that it is ripped from his or her grasp. Even if the save is made, melee weapons will do only half damage due to the soft folds of flesh. Stuck objects can only be removed by dissolving the ichor with spirits or similar solvents, or by heating it with fire. Further, the truth is that this creature only superficially resembles an owlbear, and is in fact almost entirely made up of these folds of flesh and ichor. Any opponent struck by both claws will be drawn in for a hug - such victims are stuck against the creature's chest of course (potentially serving as an involuntary shield) but will also be slowly engulfed by the creature's body over 2d4 rounds. Each round, digestive fluids are exuded that begin to consume the victim (1d4/round after being stuck) and once fully engulfed, the victim will suffocate in 1d6 rounds. 

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