Mysterious fane on the banks of the Sea of Ohkotsk

Mysterious fane on the banks of the Sea of Ohkotsk

Friday, 14 August 2015

Prydain Project - 13 Treasures of Prydain - The Three Irresistable Weapons

In keeping with the traditions of Welsh myth, I decided to sort the 13 Treasures of Prydain into Triads.  Note that the campaign I have in mind is fairly magic poor so some of the Thirteen Treasures may seem a bit flat for those who are playing full-on BECMI campaigns up to high levels.

The Three Irresistable Weapons

Lawful longsword +2, +4 vs Chaos

  • Cannot be drawn from the scabbard by Chaotics.
  • Strike 1/day  for +3d6 damage on hit (no save, Chaotic takes full, Neutral takes half, Lawful takes none)
  • Protection from evil 10' radius while drawn
  • Light from blade illuminates 30' radius as Light spell.  All within the light are affected as though by Dispel Evil spell.
  • Non-Lawful wielders take 1d6 each round until the weapon is dropped or sheathed

Status: Lost

Dyrnwyn is by far the most famous of the Triad of Arms due to its association with famous kings.  On first sight, it doesn't appear particularly special: the hilt and pommel are battered, and the blade is encased in a black leather scabbard.  On close inspection, the scabbard bears an inscription that might be read by a Bard or Wizard after some study: "Draw me if you are worthy." Drawn from the scabbard, the blade burns with a searing light, and the wielder may suffer if not in fact worthy. 

The Spear of Llew
Spear+2, vampiric, berserk

  • Vampiric: wielder gains hp equal to 1/2 damage dealt against living enemies, up to double the wielder's normal maximum hp. Excess hp (above max) are lost at 1hp/round. (no gain from undead, constructs, elementals or other non-living enemies)
  • Berserk: Each round in which damage is dealt, wielder must save vs spells or go berserk.  While berserk, the character gains +2 to hit and damage, and will attack the nearest target (friend or foe) until it is dead, then move immediately to attack the next, etc until all targets are killed or the berserk ends.  In any round in which the wielder deals no damage with the spear a new save vs spells may be attempted, and if successful the berserk ends.

Status: Annuvin

The Spear of Llew appears as an ornately crafted dark bronze leaf-headed blade, set on a dark rowan haft and fixed with bright nails of gold.  The warrior who wields this spear will be formidable in battle indeed, but many of those who have wielded it in the past have bloody reputations, and less than honorable ones.

The Black Knife - Twca Ddu
Dagger +1, Protection+2

  • Ignores magical bonuses on armor and other magical protections.
  • Dispel Magic 3/day (i.e. can be used to "cut" enchantments away)
  • Protection+2 : Wielder gains +2 on all saves, and +2 on AC
  • Detect lie at will
  • See Invisible 3/day
Status: Lost

The Black Knife appears to be a simple blade of beaten, and this leads to its power being underestimated.  In fact, while its ability to pass unaffected through magical protections makes it a potent weapon, it's true power lies in the ability to reveal the hidden and cut away enchantments and curses as though they were mere cobwebs.

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