Mysterious fane on the banks of the Sea of Ohkotsk

Mysterious fane on the banks of the Sea of Ohkotsk

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Monster - Silent Angel

A possible monster for high level BEMCI use?


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Silent Angel
AC: -10
HD: 120****
Move: 600’ (200’)
Attacks: 1 (see below)
Damage: 8d6+12 (see below)
No appearing: 2-13
Save as: F36
Morale: 12
Alignment: (tempted to say Lawful, but Neutral is probably more apt)

Silent angels appear mysteriously when the stars are right.  They are 60m (180’) tall humanoid figures seemingly carved from a translucent, iridescent material – deep within their flesh, their bones are visible like alabaster columns glimpsed through mist, at times pulsating with thread-like lines that glimmer red and violet like veins pumping some arcane equivalent to blood.  These creatures are faceless, but nonetheless quite capable of sensing what is going on around them – though due to their size they are usually oblivious to the petty concerns of mere mortals.  The motivations and drives of silent angels are unknown.  Even after appearing, they will often stand in a group, all facing the same direction, and remain motionless for long periods of time – perhaps years.  Other times, they will react to some unknown stimulus and stride purposefully in a straight line, crushing everything in their path.  Until at last, for equally obscure reasons, they stop.

Silent angels exude an otherworldly musk, redolent of spices and rose oil, that hangs so strongly around them that any who come within 30’ will have to save vs poison every round or be overcome by paroxysms of ecstasy.  The effect will subside 1d10 rounds after leaving the area of effect.

Silent angels do not usually attack, however if attacked (and harmed) they will respond by raising a foot and crushing the source of discomfort.  When the foot comes down, everything in a 30’ diameter circle will be crushed for 8d6+12 damage (save vs wands for half).  Although they have arms, they will never bother to bend low enough to attack with them.  If attacked from the waist up by tall or flying opponents, a silent angel will swat instead of stamping, with similar effect.  If attacked while they are moving toward some incomprehensible destination, they will not deviate but will take pains to eliminate any serious impediment to their progress.

Silent angels are impervious to normal weapons, and magic weapons are needed to hit them.  In addition, they are seemingly oblivious to ordinary natural threats such as fire, cold, acid, poison.  Only magical versions of these effects can damage them.  Silent angels regenerate at a rate of 5hp per round.

Due to their enormous size and general lack of interest in the mundane world, silent angels will take 1d6 rounds to notice they are under attack, and once they begin to retaliate will always go last in the round.



A particular discussion on Google+

This image from Evangelion

These quotations via +Richard Grenville :

" so beautiful, pure and transparent that the marrow of the bones of their legs will be seen through the bones and the flesh."
...further, on transparency: "The marrow of her bones is visible like the interior lines of pearls and rubies. She looks like red wine in a white glass."
- al Tirmidhi. 

"They will not urinate, relieve nature, spit, or have any nasal secretions. Their combs will be of gold, and their sweat will smell like musk. All of them will look alike and will [stand] sixty cubits tall."
—Muhammad al-Bukhari, Sahih al-Bukhari,

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