Mysterious fane on the banks of the Sea of Ohkotsk

Mysterious fane on the banks of the Sea of Ohkotsk

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Enceladus Syndrome

The first stages of the plague the astronauts brought back from Enceladus were terrifying enough - it started as a sticky, brown-grey paste that slowly accumulated between your fingers and toes, but then it would suddenly explode, spreading to cover the whole body in a thick mucus.  

As horrifying as that was, the second stage was even worse, as the mucus slowly hardened into a crisp, papery coating as though the victim had been encased in a cocoon.

The first efforts to reverse the process surgically revealed the victims within at various stages of dissolution, their bodies apparently crumbling into a slurry.  It was widely conceded that the Enceladus Syndrome was fatal.

Until the first cocoons started to open of their own volition...

That was when we realised: it wasn't a plague.  

It was an invasion.


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